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  • Cellular mechanism for severe viral hepatitis identified

  • Scientists zoom in to watch DNA code being read

  • Power stations in cells may protect brain against Parkinson´s

  • Enzyme shown to regulate inflammation and metabolism in fat tissue

  • New stem cell method sheds light on a tell-tale sign of heart disease

  • Super-silenced DNA hints at new ways to reprogram cells

  • Study finds excess fat disrupts heart cell's energy system

  • Gene fusion shifts cell activity into high gear, causing some cancer

  • State-of-the-art MRI technology bypasses need for biopsy

  • A safer route to ultrasonic therapy

  • Stopping Pancreatic Cancer Before It Starts

  • Aspirin found to prevent heart attacks after non-cardiac surgery

  • Heart attacks more likely in those with low blood phosphate levels

  • New study design holds promise for drug safety research

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Contributions of stochastic events to biological evolution and cancer

02 Oct 2015

Efforts to reduce the incidence of malignant change will have to take in to account its random nature and further the understanding of this feature. .... More

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